Southwick Pottery Ceramic Incense Holder

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These incense burners measure approximately 9-10" long and 1 3/4" wide and hold a single incense stick. You may also use them to burn cone incense by placing a cone (or two) on the tray.

Each burner is lovingly handcrafted for us by our friend Pip of Southwick Pottery. Pip Southwick of Anderson IN is a self-taught potter who makes one of a kind pieces. We met Pip at a festival and came away with a great friend, and huge hug, and a Pip cup (mug) full of coffee.

Every incense holder is a piece of art. Each one is unique and varies slightly in design and color due to its handmade nature. This listing is for completed items. For custom items, please contact Pip directly at Southwick Pottery @southwickpottery .