Holy Smoke Palo Santo Incense Sticks

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Holy Smoke Incense is a ceremonial incense that is hand-rolled with honey, gum resin, and natural botanicals and pure essential oils using a 60-year-old family recipe. Relax and enjoy as you feel your mood elevate. Our incense is made in small batches, and each stick is rolled by hand.

Palo Santo, or “holy wood,” has a long history of use throughout South America for cleansing and healing. It’s sweet uplifting scent is great for fostering creativity, lifting your mood, and aiding in meditation. It’s a great anti-depressant and stress reliever!  This scent has been recently reformulated to include palo santo essential oil and palo santo resin as well as palo santo wood powder.

Each standard 9" incense stick burns for about an hour. Each package of incense includes 20 sticks.

Green packaging - bags are plant cellulose from cottonwood trees. Packaging is compostable and made from renewable resources.