Holy Smoke Copal Incense Sticks

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Holy Smoke Incense is a ceremonial incense that is hand-rolled with honey, gum resin, and natural botanicals and pure essential oils using a 60-year-old family recipe. Relax and enjoy as you feel your mood elevate. Our incense is made in small batches, and each stick is rolled by hand.

Copal has a long history of use as incense. It was used by the ancient Mayan and Aztec as an offering to the gods. Used as a replacement for frankincense in the Catholic church by the Spanish when the arrived at the New World, it is still used today by the indigenous peoples of Central America and southern Mexico for ceremonial use in sweat lodge and sacred mushroom ceremonies. Copal is useful for spiritual cleansing and offers a clean, sweet, slightly woody scent.

Each standard 9" incense stick burns for about an hour. Each package of incense includes 20 sticks.